Support Housing Programs

Asian male poor homeless man sleeping on pathway with suffering

Homelessness is often preventable. A one-time intervention can keep a family safely housed and protected from the trauma of being evicted.

Because of you, vulnerable individuals and families can receive or maintain the basic need of shelter. The Catholic Charities Housing Program offers services to help those who are on the verge of becoming homeless, or who have already experienced homelessness. Your generosity provides rental assistance and connections to services that contribute to housing stability, such as employment readiness, financial literacy, counseling, and childcare.

With your support, and in collaboration with other local entities, the Housing Program targets and supports especially at-risk populations like those living with AIDS, the chronically homeless, women veterans, and those who have lost jobs. You make it possible for these families and individuals to not only keep a roof over their heads, but also strive toward self-sufficiency.