Support Women Veterans

Portrait of a soldier
Depressed black military woman in wheelchair having therapy session with psychologist

Women often enter military service when they are very young. Serving in the military may even be their first job out of high school.

After they leave the military, some women veterans have difficulty transitioning their military skills to new jobs and integrating into the civilian workforce.

Because of you, the Women Veterans Program offers hope and help to the brave women who have served this country and are in crisis. With financial assistance for rent, food, career coaching and financial coaching, we help clients get back on a path to self-sufficiency.

With you support, the Women Veterans Program provides peer-to-peer mentoring and support groups, where likeminded clients can bond and grow through shared experiences. Mental health services, case management, and employment services are also made available through your support. All of these services help our women veterans strive toward a balanced, comfortable civilian life.