Support Galveston Programs

Galveston has one of the highest poverty rates in Texas, with nearly 25% of residents living at or below the poverty line.

Because of you, Galveston County residents can receive food assistance and other services at the Beacon of Hope Center on Galveston Island. The Isle Market Food Pantry, designed like a grocery store, gives clients the dignity of choice when “shopping” for foods that best serve their and their family’s nutritional needs. The Texas City Beacon of Hope on the mainland provides case management and emergency financial assistance as well.

Long exposure wooden fishing pier stretching out over Galveston Bay in La Porte, Texas, USA. Foot pier for saltwater fishing with motion blurred people, recreation concept. Panorama nature seascape
Your support makes it possible for clients in the most impoverished parts of Galveston County to have an accessible place to go for help with food, rent, and more. The Isle Market, which is located in one of the poorest areas on the Island, offers shopping appointments for clients, as well as case management, and even cooking classes.