Support Refugees

Little girl with eye sad and hopeless. Human trafficking and fea
Asian refugee with his sick child at a border

Each year, thousands of families come to the United States fleeing violence and persecution in their homeland.

They arrive with virtually no possessions, leaving families and their former lives behind. Many of these new arrivals are eligible for very limited assistance from the U.S. government, meaning they rely on the kindness of strangers – like you – to help them on the path to self-sufficiency.

Because of you, newly arrived refugees are greeted at the airport by welcoming faces from the Refugee Resettlement Program. From there, they receive education, cultural orientation, housing, interpretation services, vocational training, case management, and assistance with obtaining work eligibility and employment.

Your support ensures that refugees who come here with very little can land on their feet and begin walking to a better, more comfortable life. In helping to create a home-away-from-home, the Refugee Resettlement Program assists government-approved refugees in becoming self-sufficient.