Thanks to Your Support, Catholic Charities Helps Struggling Families in Need

Help Struggling Families In Need

Thousands of families are in crisis right now, and you can help. For more than 80 years, you have helped Catholic Charities provide help and create hope to nearly 100,000 people annually as they create better lives for themselves and their families. With your gift, you will provide food, clothing, shelter and a network of support services to people of all ages and religious backgrounds.

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For 80 years, Catholic Charities has provided help and created hope for the Greater Houston region. Our impact on the community would not be as great without your kindness and generosity.
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Pregnancy & Parenting

With your support, our Pregnancy and Parenting Life Center provides pre-natal and parenting classes are offered in both English and Spanish to parents in group settings or in individual sessions.
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Support families, children, veterans, and many more on their journey to improved mental health – a major factor contributing to poverty, unemployment, and homelessness.
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Disaster Relief

The Greater Galveston-Houston region is no stranger to hurricanes, flooding and other significant natural disaster events. These disasters put millions at risk, and impact both property and livelihoods.
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Family Assistance

Many families in the Greater Houston area, even those who live comfortable lives, are just one emergency expense away from falling behind on rent or mortgage, or needing food assistance.
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Galveston County

Galveston has one of the highest poverty rates in Texas. Your support makes it possible for clients in Galveston County to have an accessible place to go for help with food, rent, and more.
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Homelessness Prevention

Support at-risk populations like those living with AIDS, chronically homeless, women veterans, and those who have lost jobs strive toward self-sufficiency.
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Immigrant Legal Assistance

Those who come to the United States are often misunderstood. Support families in crisis looking for a better life here in the United States receive legal assistance and a network of support services.
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Thousands of families come to the U.S. fleeing violence and persecution. Your support ensures that refugees can land on their feet and begin walking to a better, more comfortable life.
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Mamie George Community Center

With your support the Mamie George Community Center provides vulnerable families and seniors food, rent, and utility assistance, as well as a sense of community.
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Women Veterans

The Women Veterans Program provides peer-to-peer mentoring and support groups, where likeminded clients can bond and grow through shared experiences.
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