Thank you all for helping make Wine & Dine 2022 a BIG success!

Wine & Dine 2022

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Our deepest thanks to our Wine & Dine Co-Chairs Caren and John Steffes for their leadership, and our generous underwriters for helping sponsor this special celebration. Our Mission, work, and programs would not be possible without your generous support.


For more information about this event and others that we host, please contact
Naibi Rivera, Special Events Coordinator, at or 713-874-6629.

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Host Committee

Colleen and Brock C. Akers

Mollie and Dan Castaneda

Robert Clay

Lucía and Michael Cordua

Katie and Harry Cullen

Lisa and David Doherty

Alicia and Dave Freysinger

Ellen and Jim Ginty

Jes and John Hagale

Mikki Hebl and David E. Harvey

Anna-Marie and Harold Hidalgo, Sr.

Mindy and Je­ffery Hildebrand

Debbie and Matt Kemple

Penny and Paul Layne

Cheryl and Guy Malden

Reinnette and Stan Marek

Carol Meyer

Kelly and John Mooz

Gail and Jerry Nevlud

Ginger and John Niemann

Jill and John Parsley

Louise and Bob Parsley

Gretchen and Ken Penny

Ashley and Douglas Plaeger

Margaret and Ron Riesmeyer

Tami and Ron Rovall

Frank B. Rynd

Marianna and Jim Steff­es

Susan and Peter Tumminello

Yudith and Rafael Vides

Mrs. Raye G. White

 King Cabernet

Mrs. Raye G. White

Queen Chardonnay

Ellen and Jim Ginty | Debbie and Matt Kemple | Cheryl and Guy Malden | Ginger and John Niemann

Mikki Hebl and David E. Harvey

Hildebrand Foundation

Caren and John Steff­es

Timeless Pinot Noir

Ellen and Jim Ginty | Debbie a

 Mighty Malbec

Debbie and Norman Adams

Alicia and Dave Freysinger

The Marek Family

Gretchen and Ken Penny

Wells Fargo Advisors

Charming Rosé

Alice and Peter Arbour

Deacon David and Janice Jamail Garvis

Jes and John Hagale

George W. Holewyne

Penny and Paul Layne

Ally and Deacon Burt Martin

Louise and Bob Parsley | Jill and John Parsley

Kathy and Rick Plaeger

Fay and George A. Rizzo

Marianna and Jim Steff­es

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tumminello

Special Friends

Sharon Fitzgerald

Harriet Foster

Doris Gurecky

Elizabeth and Richard Husseini

Elizabeth Urbani Kinard

Avalyn and Paul Langemeier

Dr. Monit Cheung and Patrick Leung

Violet and Fred Poncik

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Riesmeyer

David Titus

Fr. Henry B. Walker

David L. Zahn

Wine Donations

Jeannette Baughman

Madge Bender

Mary Ellen Butler

Cynthia N. Colbert

Brian De Los Santos

Sarah and Ramone Dixon

Julia Fairbanks

Alicia and Dave Freysinger

Kitty and Brian Gillen

Diane Cervenka and Ed Gilliard

Ellen and Jim Ginty

Enrique Guerrero

Anna-Marie and Harold Hidalgo

Hinds Family

Jackie M. Holland

Dena Joy

Avalyn and Paul Langemeier

Martine Lavinghouze

Carrie Lorensen

David Marquardt

Cathryn Martinez

Christina Morales

Zoila I. Musch

Mary Cronin and Deacon Daniel Pagnano

Gretchen Martinez Penny

Jose C. Perez

Becca and Matt Phillips

Ramiro Ponton

Amy Ring

Naibi Rivera

Rhonda Sepulveda

Giorgio Spezzapria

Caren and John Steffes

Carmel Tajonera

Laura Thompson

Andrea Violet

Charlotte Warmington

Debbie and Rhea Wheeler

David Zahn

Printing Sponsor

Wine Pull Sponsor

Total Wine and More

Basket Sponsors

Cathy Borlenghi | Mrs. B Collection

Lisa and David Doherty

John McGarry

Houston Symphony

Pure Perfection Skin Care