You provided the food Luretha Needs

Luretha is 77 years old. She lives on a fixed income and often doesn’t have enough food to make it through the whole month.

Senior african american woman holding paper bag with bread and groceries looking positive and happy standing and smiling with a confident smile showing teeth

In the past, she avoided the large-scale food drives, because she never knew what she would get. Would it be something that her doctor said she could eat? Would she know how to cook it?  In her mind, it was better to not receive anything than to receive something she couldn’t use.

But you changed that. Because of you, Luretha and others like her are now able to access the food that meets their needs at the Galveston Isle Market. The grocery store-like pantry helps eliminate food waste by giving clients the dignity of choice.

And cooking classes help people like Luretha learn how to be creative in the kitchen.

The cooking classes are interesting,” Luretha said. “You learn how to cook different things. I’m enjoying the cooking classes, I really am.

When Luretha heard about the Isle Market and its cooking classes, she was overjoyed. Through your support, Luretha is not only learning how to prepare healthy meals for herself, she’s also trying foods she didn’t know how to cook before and enjoying the community around the class, too.

I enjoy coming, and I hope it stays like this,” Luretha said. “It’s like a family reunion.