Managing the Holiday Blues During the Pandemic

Feeling anxious or stressed? Need to talk? Call Catholic Charities to speak to a counselor: 713-874-6590 By Ivan Navarro, M.A., LPC, CATP, CCFP, Counseling and Behavioral Health Center Every year during the holiday season many people experience the “Holiday Blues.” Sometimes the holidays can bring about these temporary feelings of anxiety or depression. Though different […]

You Helped a Young Boy Cope with Anxiety

Leo’s mom noticed something was off. Her young son was extremely anxious and fearful any time he was away from her. His constant worrying began to impact his life at home and school. His mother knew he needed professional help. Thanks to you, Catholic Charities’ School Counseling program was right there. His counselor offered a […]

7 Things to Remember to Practice Self-Care During COVID-19

Need to talk? Call our Crisis and Mental Health Support Intake Line: 713.874.6590 By Clinical Supervisor, Jaime Rivera, LCSW Supervisor, Counseling and Behavioral Health Uncertainty. Anxiety. Fear. Isolation. Doubt. Many of us have had these same thoughts over the past few weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially during these uncertain times, we don’t always give […]

School Counselors Receive Bronze Award

Counselors in Catholic Charities’ School Counseling program received the Bronze Award from the Center for School Behavioral Health at Mental Health America of Greater Houston for their contributions to the center and professional development. Bronze awardees are Center Collaborative Members at least one year, implemented 5-10 Center Recommendations in their schools, represented at 60% of […]

You Helped Save a 17-Year Marriage Through Counseling

When life’s obstacles began to strain his 17-year marriage, Michael knew he needed help. Life was complicated. The load of a stressful job, adjusting from two incomes to one, attention focused on their children, and generally growing apart put a strain on his marriage to Jo. Michael reached out to Catholic Charities Counseling Services initially […]

With Your Help, Counselors Can Help Those Impacted Heal After Harvey

Because of you, in the months since Harvey, the Catholic Charities’ Counseling Services team has received advanced training and made additional presentations to help those facing mental health challenges as they work to rebuild their lives and find their new normal. While most people who endured last fall’s record-setting storm will not develop mental health symptoms, a […]

You Helped A Teen Rescued from Sex Trafficking Take Back Her Life

After coming to the U.S. on her own at age 15, Josefina was forced into the sex industry by someone she considered a trusted friend. Because she had no family, resources, or support system here, she was especially vulnerable. The evil of sex trafficking may seem hidden in the shadows, but it is tragically pervasive […]

Catholic Charities Gave a Young Girl Hope After the Trauma of Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit, 14-year-old Karla had already faced many life storms. She came to Houston to reunite with her mother and to escape abuse at the hands of her father and relatives back in Honduras. While waiting to reunite, she lived in St. Michael’s Homes for Children, Catholic Charities’ shelter for unaccompanied minors. For […]

School Counseling Provides Safety, Comfort – Sergio’s Story

Sergio is a 12-year-old Hispanic student who is currently in sixth grade. He was referred to his school counselor by his principal due to concerns about his behavior. Sergio had been expelled for three days due to experimenting with electricity in the classroom and was close to being dismissed from his school. However, as a […]

How Counseling Provided a Safe Environment – Diane’s story

Diane*, a 14 year old girl, was referred to Catholic Charities Counseling Services by her teacher. The teacher indicated that Diane often looked sad, worried, and distracted, and was not turning in her homework or engaging in classroom activities. During her first counseling session, Diane made a sexual abuse claim against a distant family member. […]