You helped Jade, then inspired her to give back

Jade had many roles in her family at a young age – daughter, student, and breadwinner among them. After college, she was struggling to juggle all of the responsibilities and fell into a financial hole.

Portrait of young Asian woman in the street.You were there to help her climb out of it.

I fell on hard times,” Jade said. “I found Catholic Charities, and the staff was so responsive, giving me information and assistance. They helped me during a time of need.

When she, her mom, and her sister moved to Houston, Jade’s mom was unable to find work and lived on a fixed income. Jade went to college and found work, but her mother and sister needed her help.

I helped them, but then it fell back on me when it came to my bills and keeping my head above water,” Jade said. “I was barely making it at that time.

When Jade needed help, you were there for her. Your generosity helped Jade pay past due bills and rent, saving her from eviction and other bad marks on her credit.

When I got the help from Catholic Charities in 2013, I remembered telling myself that whenever I can, I want to give back,” Jade said. “I don’t necessarily tithe with a church, but I want to give back to those who helped me. Catholic Charities was one of them.

She now works as a behavior analyst, helping children with learning and developmental disabilities, and she’s finally in a position to give back like she wanted. Just last month, Jade became a Heroes of Hope monthly donor, joining a growing group who give back to struggling families and individuals in the Greater Houston area each month.