You helped Kenia after COVID took her husband

Belle femme en dépression

When Kenia lost her husband, she didn’t know where to turn. She was in her twenties, with three children, and she had no idea how she’d be able to move forward.

That’s where you came into the picture.

Because of you, Kenia received emergency financial assistance so she could pay her rent and food to feed her family. You are the hope that keeps Kenia going.

Catholic Charities is like the church for me and my family,” Kenia said.

Kenia’s husband died of COVID early in the pandemic. It was a shock, and Kenia was left to raise three children under the age of 10 on a meager income.

I have a job, but it isn’t sufficient to have the food I need in the house,” she said.

But thanks to you, she’s not doing it alone. Your support allows Kenia to access nutritious food for herself and her three children.