Your Support Allows Women Veterans to Tell Their Stories

“So much of our future lies in preserving our past.” – Peter Westbrook Participants in the Women Veteran Programs will have a chance to share their story – good, bad or otherwise – in The Library of Congress Veterans History Project in the coming months. The project, sponsored by U.S. Congressman Troy E. Nehls, is […]

A Different Struggle: How Veterans Can Find Relief During a Pandemic

By: Patrice Hartsfield, MA, LPC; Women Veterans Program Not everyone struggles to settle into the new social norm during the pandemic. While many deal with feelings of isolation from staying home, there is a group of people that feel the world is acknowledging their social norm for the first time: veterans with combat experience who […]

Your Support Provides A Safe Place for Women Veterans in Crisis

With your help, Catholic Charities’ Women Veterans Program empowers women who served our country and need help overcoming life’s challenges. Ours is one of the only programs in Texas that offers services especially for female veterans. Your support helps provide shelter and housing assistance to prevent women vets and their children from being homeless. Located […]

Because of Your Support, C.J. Turned Her Life Around

You gave a female veteran a safe place to live and the needed support to move forward C.J. is a bright, polite and well-spoken woman. But her life turned dark when she left the military. The Army veteran was caught in an abusive relationship, and then tragically suffered a miscarriage. She turned to alcohol to […]

One Down, Three to Go! Help Women Veterans Cook For Their Families

With your help, Catholic Charities can make sure women veterans staying at our shelter are able to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for themselves and their children. Because of your faithful support, Catholic Charities is one of the few organizations that provides services specifically to women veterans. The Villa Guadalupe – located at Guadalupe Family Assistance […]

You Helped a Veteran Find Financial Stability

Tenia was finally employed again. She secured a well-paying, stable job and was excited to be working again. But after a year without a steady paycheck, Tenia struggled to catch up on her past-due bills. She began making payments as best she could, but because of her higher level of income, the Galveston Housing Authority […]

Your Support Ensured a Woman Veteran and her Family Had a Home for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, Lyndsey found herself in a scary situation. She fell behind on her bills, and she nearly had her utilities turned off. Even worse, she faced possible eviction. She was afraid of being homeless with her children, especially as Thanksgiving and Christmas were coming soon. But because of your support, Catholic Charities’ […]

Catholic Charities Introduces Two New Programs Serving Galveston Community

05.15.2018 Catholic Charities has served the Galveston community through every major natural disaster since 1943, and the organization has supported individuals and families in the midst of personal disasters as well. Catholic Charities will expand its services to those in need in the Galveston and Bay Area. The Galveston Bay Area office of Catholic Charities […]

Catholic Charities Celebrates Women Veterans on Historic Date of June 12

Catholic Charities Advocated on Behalf of Women Veterans in Austin and Washington, D.C. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston thanks Texas legislators for recently passing a bill that officially designates June 12 as Texas Women Veterans Day. The bill was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday. Texas has the highest number of women veterans […]