You Lifted Holly Out of Her Darkest Moment

Last year, Holly was sad, depressed and about to have her utilities shut off.

After their oldest son died – at just 19 years old — Holly’s husband sadly turned to alcohol in his grief.  Divorce followed, and money quickly became a problem for Holly and the younger son she was still supporting.

But amidst all of that darkness, Holly found light, and that light was you.

Because of your generosity, Holly received the emergency financial assistance she needed to stabilize and avoid eviction.  In a time where nearly everything seemed wrong, you helped Holly see that there was still good in the world.

After her son’s death and the divorce, Holly got a job, but the $10 an hour she made wasn’t enough and she fell behind on her electric and water bills.  She had never had to ask for help before, but when she found the courage to reach out a Catholic Charities case manager was there for her, because of you.

You were there to help Holly when she needed it.  With her utility bills paid, she was able to catch her breath for a moment.  And at Christmas, she was overjoyed to receive gifts for her younger son through Catholic Charities’ Share Your Blessings program.  Without the help you provided, her son wouldn’t have gotten any gifts that Christmas.

Holly is now working hard to become a registered nurse.  And it is because of you that she was able to avoid eviction and now has the drive to make a better life for her and her surviving son.  Thank you!

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