You helped Jose and Maria to not go hungry

Jose and Maria have been married for 48 years. But the last few years have been difficult. Maria was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and shortly after she completed her treatment, Jose was also diagnosed with cancer. They were devastated.

Medical expenses quickly ate up their savings. And, with only their Social Security, there was little money left for food after they bought their medicines. But because of your monthly gifts as a Hero of HopeJose and Maria didn’t have to worry if they’d have enough food to eat.

Because of your support, Jose and Maria got staples like beans and rice as well as fresh produce and meat at Catholic Charities’ Beacon of Hope Isle Market on Galveston Island.

Unlike a typical food pantry, Jose and Maria don’t just get a bag of groceries. Because of your support, they can walk through the aisles of the brand-new Isle Market and choose which groceries best suit their needs. All of this was made possible by you!

Maria likes the new store-like setting: “We can pick what we need for our family.”

Maria has also been able to learn some new, healthy recipes at Catholic Charities’ cooking classes. “I learn a lot,” Maria said. “I always want to do my homework and prepare what I’ve learned.” Thank you!

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