Blessed Beginnings Classes Helped Make Leticia a Better Mom

Leticia - Client with Blessed Beginnings

Leticia, a client with Blessed Beginnings, became a better parent by attending the program’s classes and connecting with other parents.

Each year, thousands of women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy choose life for their babies. But choosing life is just the beginning. It’s tough being a parent – especially when you’re young, on your own, and money is tight. But, Catholic Charities’ Blessed Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Life Center is there for women like Leticia.

Leticia was pregnant with her fourth child when she discovered the Blessed Beginnings program. She was doing all right as a parent, but she knew she could do better, and sought out our services to improve her skills and give more to her children.

The Blessed Beginnings program allowed Leticia to become a better parent by providing her with prenatal education, parenting classes, and essential items for her baby. You even it made it possible for Leticia to receive free childcare, so she could attend classes.

“I’ve learned a lot of things that were new to me, even though I’d been a parent before,” Leticia said. “The staff is great, and I love hearing from other parents like me. By attending classes and listening to other parents’ experiences, I’ve learned how to be a better mom.”

Blessed Beginnings provides education and assistance to low-income mothers so that they can be better parents, and raise healthy children with bright futures. Women also earn points – “Baby Bucks” – for attending classes and group sessions, which can be redeemed for diapers, baby furniture and other essential supplies, ensuring they have everything they need for their children.

But improving their parenting skills is what means the most to them.

Leticia is grateful to those who support Catholic Charities so moms like her can find the help and support they need. “May God bless you every day,” she said.

Because of generous supports like you, Catholic Charities is able to provide the support and education young parents who choose life need to have happy, healthy babies and children. Learn more about our Blessed Beginnings program and how you can help.