You are helping Whitney as she prepares to welcome her baby

Whitney’s having her first baby in June. She’s made it clear that she wants the gender to be a surprise. As for the other parts of motherhood, she wants to be prepared as possible.

Pregnant women in a class

You’re helping her be prepared to welcome her first baby.

Because of your support, Whitney attends classes about newborn care, signs of labor, infant feeding, and soothing techniques at Catholic Charities’ Blessed Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Life Center. The more she learns the better prepared she feels.

“Without these classes, I’d probably have to take a trial-and-error approach with my child,” she said.

Because of your support, Whitney learns in a classroom setting while also trading notes with other moms, many of them single parents, like she’ll soon be.

“There are people going through it with you,” she said. “It’s really comforting to get to know people who are going through the same thing you’re going through.”

In addition to the class and community building, your support also provides Whitney – and the other mothers – with diapers and wipes for their young children, a huge help since money is already tight.

Because of you, Whitney is ready to welcome her first child this summer.