You rescued Elaine when she needed you

Senior portrait, Grandmother using smart phone at home, Happy retirement people relaxing and resting at home, Healthy and happy senior people concept

Elaine is like many seniors. After years of hard work, she is retired and lives on a modest fixed income. Recently, that money has been stretched thinner and thinner. A couple months ago, Elaine had to choose between food and medicine.

But thanks to you, that impossible choice is no longer a burden to Elaine. Your generosity made it possible for Elaine to fill her fridge at the Mamie George Community Center.

“Because of your kindness and God’s love, I’m able to afford my asthma medicine and my quality of life is good,” Elaine said. “I’m so thankful.”

While prices increase, Elaine’s monthly income stayed the same. Money was running out, and Elaine was faced with a decision: go without medicine, or go without food. Thanks to you, Elaine got help before she had to choose.

“I am blessed by y’all,” Elaine said. “I’m overjoyed and tearful over the fact that again, I have a refrigerator full of food.”