You got Joe out of his truck and into a home

Tired of work. Sitting in the cabin. Young truck driver is with his vehicle at daytime.

Joe has trouble sleeping in his bed. He finds the couch more comfortable because it’s in an upright position. That’s because, for the past four years, Joe lived in his truck.

But now, thanks to you, he found the support he needed at Catholic Charities to find a solution to his homelessness.

“When I walked through that door at Catholic Charities, it changed my life,” Joe said. “You come here, you can eat and you meet good people who are honestly trying to help you.”

When his sister was battling cancer, Joe quit his job, and for two years was her full-time caregiver. After his sister died, he lived in his truck for four years – through the pandemic, the freeze, and too many hot days to count.

Because of you, Joe found a case manager who made sure he had food to eat and helped him take the first steps toward rebuilding his life. He was even able to move out of his truck and into a real home!

“You gave me all these things, but not only that,” he said. “You gave me hope. Little by little, I got myself back together.”