A Family Improved With Your Help

“We’ve accomplished so much with the help of the Blessed Beginnings Program.”

As a young couple still in school, Massiel and Patrick were concerned about planning for the arrival of their baby, but thanks to your help, the Catholic Charities Blessed Beginnings program was there to provide education and support.


Blessed Beginnings clients

Patrick and Massiel (center) came to Catholic Charities for education and support when they were expecting their first child.

My name is Massiel, and I am from Venezuela. I came to Houston pursuing the goal to further my education. I met my husband, Patrick, after two years of living in Houston. We were both full-time students when we found out I was pregnant. Patrick is in law school and I am applying for my medical residency. We were both unemployed and worried for the safety and well-being of our soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Patrick is a planner and nothing going on in our lives at that moment seemed planned. So, he started looking for something that would help us get prepared for the overwhelming reality of parenthood. Originally, he found classes that would help, but when we realized the cost, it would be impossible for us to afford.

When we first found out about Catholic Charities’ Blessed Beginnings program, we were thrilled about the idea of parenting and prenatal classes offered in our neighborhood for free. Little did we know how much help and support the program would offer our family. Since the first day of class, the staff and volunteers made us feel welcome and safe, and they helped us set up a plan for welcoming our child in a blessed way.

Patrick is a born and bred Texan, but I am not a United States citizen, so we found it more difficult than normal when applying for health care. However, the case management services offered within the program helped us identify resources available that our baby and I could qualify for.

We have learned so much through the Blessed Beginnings Program. The classes are informative, interactive, and double as a support group where members share experiences and encourage each other. Patrick was thrilled with the parenting and prenatal education he was able to receive. As a graduate from medical school, I even learned things as well.

Blessed Beginnings client at newborn care class

As a first-time parent, Patrick found the parenting classes at Blessed Beginnings to be helpful when preparing for the arrival of his child.

In addition to the education and emotional support of the classes, the Baby Boutique and rewards have helped us supplement our limited income. As full-time graduate students, we are unable to work full-time; Patrick left his job to pursue his education, and I am unable to work due to my status in the United States.

The Blessed Beginnings Program has provided the necessary resources to begin our nursery and welcome the arrival of Baby PJ! From diapers and wipes to clothes and formula, the Baby Boutique and generous donors continue to amaze us.

We consider ourselves blessed and are thankful for the opportunity to participate, learn, and access the resources that many expecting parents are required to pay out of pocket. The classes teach about parenting skills and the value of an emotional connection with your child, focusing on empathizing and identifying your child’s needs. Additionally, Blessed Beginnings recognizes the struggle of a mother and provides resources and support for breastfeeding and post-partum depression.

We can’t say thank you enough to the wonderful women leading the program. The staff and volunteers are what make the experience beneficial for all. We are so blessed to have found a program that has allowed us to continue our educational endeavors while being able to learn and grow as expecting parents. It has truly been a blessed path to a Blessed Beginning.

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