A decent, safe and affordable home – Ms. C’s story

We support seniors by providing companionship, health and welfare monitoring, referrals for mental health, education, social needs, emergency assistance, and loving, listening hearts for hundreds of otherwise-isolated seniors in and around Houston.

Ms. C was a long-time client who received emergency assistance over the years for herself and her daughter. During this time she received additional assistance with transportation, food and counseling. Although Ms. C. had long periods of stabilization, she always continued to maintain contact with Catholic Charities and shared her progress and challenges.

A few months ago Ms. C approached Catholic Charities in a desperate situation. Due to mental health challenges and resulting behavioral issues, Ms. C had a history of tenant-landlord disputes and issues with neighbors. She had been fortunate enough to have secured a Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher that provided substantial rental assistance, but she lost it due to these issues. At that point, she was living day-to-day with some financial support from family members in a motel.

Through a collaborative effort of Catholic Charities’ staff, Ms. C was provided case management support through Senior Services. The Housing staff was able to resurrect her Housing Choice Voucher and advocate on her behalf to keep the voucher “active” through her apartment search, approval by the property management company and Housing Authority, and eventual move-in.

To have a decent, safe, and affordable home is a “game changer” for Ms. C. Case management services continue to help her remain stabilized and in good standing with property management.

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