You Helped an Elderly Grandmother Who’s Raising her Grandkids

Because of you, Gretchen doesn’t have to worry if she has enough money to feed her grandchildren anymore.

Gretchen is a senior living on a fixed income. Every month, money is tight.  With rent, utilities, and other bills, she sometimes didn’t have enough left to pay for groceries. At times, Gretchen would wash clothes with whatever soap she had around the house. She needed to save the money to buy food.

When Gretchen became the primary caregiver for her two young grandchildren. Money got even tighter.

Thanks to you, Gretchen was able to find help at Catholic Charities Beacon of Hope Center in Galveston. She received enough groceries to feed her grandchildren, and the emergency financial assistance helped her catch up on her bills and keep the family under one roof.

With extra mouths to feed, Gretchen had a hard time affording the basics that many of us take for granted. Your generosity provided her with essentials – such as diapers, detergent and household cleaning supplies – things that her SNAP benefits (food stamps) didn’t cover.

Now Gretchen doesn’t have to worry about where her grandchildren’s next meal will come from, or how she will make the rent every month, thanks to you.

Thank you for helping grandmothers like Gretchen provide for their families!