You Helped Lillian and Dena Start a New Life

Because of you, Lilian has food in the cupboard, and even a few new items of clothing so her granddaughter can feel more confident.

Poverty has been cruel to Lillian and her 13-year-old granddaughter Dena, but thanks to you, there’s a light shining in their future.  Lillian and Dena have been living in a small, shabby apartment, existing on Lillian’s sole source of income – a monthly disability check.  There was no money for furniture, and barely enough for food.  In fact, Lillian had been sleeping on a dilapidated mattress with rusted springs pulled from a trash dumpster.  To make matters worse, Lillian wasn’t able to pay her utility bill.

Because of you, Lillian’s lights are still burning and her aching back is better.  Your gift helped her pay the utility bill as well as get some basic furniture.  Now, Lillian has a new bed and a desk that Dena can use to do her homework. To top it off, there’s also food in the cupboard.

Lillian and Dena couldn’t be more grateful.  Dena experienced trauma as a young child, witnessing a drug raid and violence in their home while living in Florida.  Lillian took custody of Dena when she was an infant, to protect her from the chaos surrounding her family.

But Lillian soon realized she needed to leave the area to give Dena a chance at a better life.  So they hit the road, living out of Lillian’s old car, eking out enough money to buy gasoline.  The two landed in Houston, and now life is better, thanks to your kind generosity.

Thank you for opening your heart to make life better for people like Lillian and Dena!