When Debra Needed Help, You Were There

You provided Debra and her autistic grandson food and a caring community of support.

Debra lost her husband, an Army veteran, six years ago. She was lonely and depressed, and she had the added burden of trying to make ends meet without his monthly pension. Now, because of you, her family no longer has to worry about having enough to eat.

Debra also takes care of her 27-year-old grandson, Brian, who is autistic, all by herself. Debra and Brian live on her social security. Money is tight. Debra often struggles to put enough food on the table.

But your generous support is a safety-net for families like Debra’s when they have no place else to turn.

Debra is grateful for the food assistance she receives at the Mamie George Community Center through the monthly Food Fairs.  She also visits Trini’s Market at Mamie George where she can shop for food as if she were in a real grocery store.  Here, because of you, she receives fresh produce, meat, dairy and nonperishable food all for free.

“It’s a blessing that we’re able to go to Trini’s Market, or the food fair once a month. They’re always thinking about us seniors.”

Thanks to your generous support, she has found not only help, but also a community. It was just what Debra needed as she mourned the loss of her husband.

“Catholic Charities is a wonderful place to come. The staff is good, they treat us good. Wherever they can help us, they will.”

Thank you for your compassion to help seniors like Debra tackle life’s challenges!