You Helped A Teen Rescued from Sex Trafficking Take Back Her Life

Thank you for helping Josefina!

Because of your support, Josefina was able to receive the care and support she needed to take back her life.

After coming to the U.S. on her own at age 15, Josefina was forced into the sex industry by someone she considered a trusted friend. Because she had no family, resources, or support system here, she was especially vulnerable. The evil of sex trafficking may seem hidden in the shadows, but it is tragically pervasive in our city.

Josefina was rescued when the police raided the house in which she was being held hostage. Because of the trauma she had endured, Josefina was severely depressed, began harming herself and wanted to die.

Scarred by her experience, she had trouble interacting with others and she was transferred to three different foster homes. Finally, she was placed in Catholic Charities’ St. Michael’s Home for Children, and because of you was finally able to get the help she needed.

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With your support, a full treatment team was there to help Josefina. Together a case manager, legal services, a child advocate, psychiatric services, and caring staff supported her during her stay at St. Michael’s.

With their help, she processed her past traumas and began to openly express her needs and opinions in a healthy way. She learned how trauma affects all aspects of a person’s life, and she began to respond more appropriately in social situations and get along better with others.

You and other donors like you have made Josefina stronger and more confident. Most importantly, she now knows that she has worth and she is loved.

You can help more children like Josefina impacted by human trafficking.