With Your Help, Mamie George Helped Mary Live Independently

Thank you for helping seniors like Mary!

Thanks to you, Catholic Charities was able to help Mary manage her debts and become more self-sufficient.

Mary had exhausted her efforts to find help for her dire situation. She was a disabled senior citizen who could not afford the rent at her home.

An agency referred Mary to the Mamie George Community Center where she could shop at the food pantry and receive rent assistance to help make ends meet, thanks to supporters like you. She was connected to a case manager, Martha, who vowed to help her as long as he was willing to be helped.

“I had no idea that a social worker would give such aid and direction as fully as Miss Martha did. Before Catholic Charities, I was very bowed down with trouble with no help in sight. Miss Martha – a social worker who gave me the greatest hope for better – saw the possibilities and pledged to help me try to avoid homelessness.”

With your help, Catholic Charities paid half of Mary’s rent that August and the full amount in September. Her case manager worked with Mary to guide her on becoming debt-free. Between July 2016 and October 2017, she was on a snowball plan to work on paying down her debts. After following through on her part, Catholic Charities then paid $2,000 toward her debt. Now, Mary is able to make monthly payments of less than $100 that are within reach of her paycheck.

Catholic Charities was able to meet many of Mary’s other needs as well, thanks to generous supporters like you: three donated fans; home visits when she couldn’t afford to visit the center; transportation assistance to Mamie George and doctor appointments; securing a wheelchair; help with installing a medical alert system in her new apartment; payment for the moving truck rental fee; and payment for the gas utility deposit.

Her case manager then visited her one more time to bring a gift box of needed items and one last food pantry box, which she took the time to fill.

“The last thing Miss Martha did was to have a last prayer with me, for me and my continued progress. That prayer is answered today.

The members who work at Mamie George Community Center and Catholic Charities are really dedicated people who treat the needy with much dignity and respect. Thank you, dear Miss Martha. Thank you, Catholic Charities. Thank you, God.

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