Thanks to you, Juan’s family got through a medical crisis

AdobeStock 248872310Juan was the sole breadwinner for his wife, Alma, and five children until he lost his leg to an infection. That changed everything. Juan was hospitalized and couldn’t work for weeks. The family quickly ran out of food and was about to be evicted.

But thankfully, because of you the family was able to get the food and rental assistance they needed to keep them afloat.

After Juan got sick, his paychecks stopped, and money became an issue. With no saving the family had nowhere to turn, then Juan’s sister suggested he call Catholic Charities.

Because of your generosity, Juan’s family was able to get food from Catholic Charities’ food pantry in Fort Bend County, Trini’s Market.  You also provided emergency rental assistance to keep a roof over their heads during this difficult time.

The next steps will be tough for the family.  Juan isn’t sure when he’ll be able to work again, and their lack of medical insurance left them with thousands of dollars in unpaid hospital bills.

The path to self-sufficiency isn’t always easy.  It’ll be a long one for Juan’s family.  But thanks to you, they can remain safely in their home while they catch their breath and make a plan for the future. Thank You!