Now, Because of You, Andres Doesn’t Have to Worry

Andres doesn't have to worry thanks to you!

Now, thanks to you, Andres doesn’t have to worry about choosing between paying the light bill or feeding his children.

Being a single father is already a tough job, but when an unexpected disaster strikes, providing for your family becomes even more difficult.

Andres was working for a cable company when Hurricane Harvey devastated the Greater Houston area. Due to the significant drop in requests for services after Harvey, the company was struggling, and Andres was laid off.

As Andres agonized about how to care for his two young children, the bills began to pile up. In order to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, he was forced to lapse on his car payment, which led to his vehicle being repossessed.

But thanks to the support of our generous donors like you, Catholic Charities was there for Andres.

He came to the Guadalupe Basic Needs Center where he received nutritious food for his family, emergency financial assistance so his utilities would not be shut off, transportation vouchers and assistance accessing benefits to help him provide for his children.

His case manager was also able to help him through the process of receiving reimbursement for lost wages and funds from FEMA to get back on his feet.

Now, because of you, Andres doesn’t have to worry about keeping the lights on or feeding his children and is concentrating on providing for his family and once again being self-sufficient.

You can help other single fathers like Andres provide a better life for their children.

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