You Helped Veronica Through Grief and Hardship

Thanks to you, Veronica and her family found hope through Catholic Charities.

Veronica was devastated by her husband’s death. Then bills began to pile up when she couldn’t work. But thanks to you, she made it through a hard time.

Veronica and her little family were living a happy life. Her husband ran a successful business, and her young son was doing well in school.

Then her husband was tragically murdered. Although they were devastated, they did the best they could to move on. Veronica used her husband’s life insurance for a loan to his business partner to keep income coming in. However, the business closed and their financial investment was lost.

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Wanting a fresh start, Veronica and her son moved to Houston for a new job. They were doing well until Veronica suffered an injury, leaving her hospitalized and unable to work. She fell behind on her utility payments, and felt overwhelmed and desperate.

Because of you, Veronica found help through Catholic Charities’ Family Assistance Program. Not only did she receive funds to catch up on her electricity bill, she and her son were connected to Catholic Charities’ Counseling Services program to cope with their grief.

Now back at work, Veronica says she is appreciative of the assistance she received and feels hopeful about the future. Thank you for helping people like Veronica overcome a tragic loss and hardship!

You can help other family’s like Veronica’s receive the life-saving support they need.

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