You Helped Save a 17-Year Marriage Through Counseling

Catholic Charities Marriage Counseling

Thanks to your support, a Catholic Charities counselor was there to help Michael and his wife heal their marriage.

When life’s obstacles began to strain his 17-year marriage, Michael knew he needed help.

Life was complicated. The load of a stressful job, adjusting from two incomes to one, attention focused on their children, and generally growing apart put a strain on his marriage to Jo.

Michael reached out to Catholic Charities Counseling Services initially hoping to receive coping skills for his strained relationship with his wife, but he ended up receiving a lot more.

Thanks to your support, a Catholic Charities counselor was there for Michael. He listened to his issues and complaints, then helped him to see his situation in a different light. He offered him books and resources for him to learn more about himself and to change his approach toward his wife.

Seeing the positive changes in her husband, Jo was convinced to attend counseling sessions with Michael. Not only did their relationship improve, the Catholic Charities counselor wasable to help the couple with how they address each other, their children and extended family. They learned how to truly listen and understand their children, and were impressed how much their children opened up to them.

With your support, the Catholic Charities counselor was able to heal Michael and Jo’s marriage and enrich their relationships with their children and families. They now communicate more positively, and with honesty and trust.

“My counselor provided a perspective from outside my world that I couldn’t see prior to the sessions. I am ever grateful for the help I found at Catholic Charities. Thank you Larry and thank you Catholic Charities! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!”

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