You helped Mateo find a job and keep his home

Mateo lost his job last winter and, after being out of work for months, his confidence in his abilities plummeted. Inflation made his financial woes worse, and he knew that if something didn’t happen soon, he would end up homeless.

Because you are a hero of hope, Mateo received emergency financial assistance to stay housed, and help to fine-tune his resume and interviewing skills from Catholic Charities. He regained his confidence and had hope for the first time in months. Mateo started a new job in the hospitality industry last month. You made this possible!

Mateo had regular but unfulfilling work for years. But last winter, when he lost his job, the sudden change impacted more than Mateo’s financial situation. It also affected his overall mood and confidence level. In a matter of months, Mateo went from regularly working to being at risk of homelessness, while he sank deeper into depression.

Thanks to your monthly gift, when Mateo came to Catholic Charities in the spring, he was met by a case manager who not only helped him stay housed, but also worked with him to create a path to self-sufficiency. Mateo received a resume critique, interview preparation and assistance with putting together a portfolio.

Because of you, Mateo regained his confidence and decided that he would pursue a job aligned with his passion: cooking and baking. He started his new job in July and is eager to climb the ranks and regain his financial footing along the way.

Thank you for always being a hero for people like Mateo, who need your helping hand so they can get back on their feet!

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