You helped Isis prepare for a healthy baby

Isis was nervous as her due date approached. At 35, she was pregnant for the first time and, while eager to welcome a child into the world, she didn’t know how she would make ends meet while she couldn’t work.

Thanks to your generosity, before giving birth, Isis was able to attend parenting classes to prepare for the child’s arrival and even had a community baby shower held at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

Isis had a job and lived comfortably. When she was eight months pregnant, she began to think about the wages she would lose during the first months of her child’s life as a result of being out of work. She heard about Catholic Charities’ Blessed Beginnings Program and decided to call.

Because of your generosity, Isis’ expectations were blown out of the water. Not only did she get education about how to be a mother, but she also received diapers, wipes, and even food assistance from our food pantry – something she may not have had at all if she had not made that initial call to Catholic Charities.

“I am sincerely eternally grateful,” she said. “…what you gave me was so much more than I expected.”

On June 5th, Isis gave birth to healthy baby girl. Because of you, she is more prepared to enter this new chapter of her life.

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