You Helped a Young Boy Cope with Anxiety

You Helped a Young Boy Cope with Anxiety

Leo began to struggle with anxiety and fear, which was heightened by the pandemic. Thanks to you, Catholic Charities was able to help him cope.

Leo’s mom noticed something was off. Her young son was extremely anxious and fearful any time he was away from her. His constant worrying began to impact his life at home and school. His mother knew he needed professional help.

Thanks to you, Catholic Charities’ School Counseling program was right there.

His counselor offered a compassionate, listening ear and discovered Leo had irrational fears that something bad would happen to his mom. During his sessions, Leo learned coping strategies such as breathing techniques, thinking positive thoughts and squeezing a stress ball. These techniques helped Leo to manage his stress and anxiety.

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Then the COVID-19 pandemic began. While the stress of the pandemic has impacted nearly all of us, it has been especially hard on children like Leo. He began to worry and his anxious thoughts returned.

With your help, his counselor was able to continue helping Leo. She helped him practice the coping strategies he learned, gave him a comic strip to explain the facts about the virus for him to understand, and advised him on limiting the amount of news he watched. Although he has stayed home to learn virtually, he is able to continue communicating with his counselor over the phone.

His mother said Leo’s mood has improved greatly. He remains positive and energetic, and no longer shows anxiety symptoms. He began to enjoy learning and participating in arts and crafts activities again with his older siblings at home.

Thank you for helping children like Leo cope with the struggles of life through counseling and mental health support!

You can help more children like Leo who need mental health support.

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