You Helped a Senior Keep the Lights On

Catholic Charities' Senior Program helps seniors live independently and with dignity.

With a limited income and caring for her husband and adult daughter, Donna struggled to pay her bills. But thanks to you, she can now keep her lights on.

Donna didn’t expect to spend her golden years worrying about her utility bills and having a secure place to live.

Donna is the primary caregiver not only for her adult daughter, but also her husband who suffered a severe stroke. Her daughter is financially dependent on Donna because she struggles to find employment due to mental illness.

On top of that, Donna recently needed medical treatment for an ulcer. With limited income, she had to choose between paying for doctor visits or her utility bills. She soon fell behind.

But because of your generous support, Catholic Charities’ Senior Program was able to help Donna. She received financial assistance to help her catch up on her utility bills. Staff helped locate affordable housing and advocated for her to receive benefits to help care for her daughter and husband.

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Donna often struggled to stretch her limited income, but thanks to you, Catholic Charities was able to find resources to help her manage her budget. Now, she is working on keeping up with her expenses while continuing to provide care to her family.

Thank you for helping seniors like Donna live better lives!

You can help more seniors like Donna live independently and with dignity.

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