You Help Bring Food and Comfort to Vulnerable Fort Bend Seniors

You help vulnerable seniors like Ramona.

For Ramona, the only food she has to eat comes from deliveries to her home during
the COVID-19 pandemic, made possible by gracious donors like you.

“Some days I cry.”

These heartbreaking words come from Ramona, one of the seniors who, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, can no longer come to the Mamie George Community Center (MGCC) in Richmond each weekday for fellowship and a nutritious meal.

Because of you, seniors like Ramona receive meals and groceries to keep them nourished as the pandemic rages through the summer heat. Volunteers deliver food, smiling and maintaining safe distance to protect this vulnerable population. For many of the seniors, these deliveries are
the only food they’ll have.

With your support, seniors like Ramona know that they are not truly alone, even if they can’t come to the center for fitness classes and spend time with friends over a jigsaw puzzle. While the visits from the volunteers are comforting, Ramona still looks forward to the day she can return to the MGCC “I love to be at the Center. I miss that. It’s killing me every day.”

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In addition to food and companionship, many seniors came to the MGCC to escape the summer heat. Now stuck in houses without air conditionings, they are suffering in sweltering heat. Thankfully, gracious donors like you are making sure that seniors don’t have to suffer. The Center recently received a generous donation of air conditioning units for the seniors we serve.

The first unit went to a single grandmother who cares for eight grandchildren. She and the youngest child were recently hospitalized with serious health conditions. Typically, they cool their home with three air conditioning units, but all three stopped working. They are very grateful to be able to cool a portion of their home.

Thank you for enabling Catholic Charities to continue bringing comfort, nourishment and dignity to seniors like Ramona!

You can help more vulnerable seniors like Ramona.

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