You Helped a Young Assault Victim Find Hope Through the Cabrini Center

You helped young women like Rachel take back her life from abuse.

Because of supporters like you, Rachel and her family found relief through Catholic Charities’ Cabrini Center to find a way to better lives. 

Rachel was only 13 when an older cousin began sexually assaulting her. He threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone. After months of abuse, she discovered she was pregnant.

Scared and heartbroken, she found the courage to tell her family. Her family was undocumented, and they feared calling the police would result in their deportation.

Despite their fears, they reported the assaults to the police. The whole family helped provide information and identify the suspect, who was arrested.

Thanks to you, attorneys at the Cabrini Center helped Rachel and her family gain a visa that provided valid, legal status and an official identity in the United States. The visa also put them on the path to citizenship.

At age 14, Rachel gave birth to a baby girl. Because of your support, having legal status meant Rachel could get a driver’s license, finish high school and pursue a career in dentistry. Her mother now helps take care of the young child so Rachel can go to classes. Legal status also allowed Rachel’s father to start a successful landscaping business, which his wife and son help run.

Because of your help, the Cabrini Center enabled Rachel and her family to overcome the trauma and gave hope for a new life.

How You Can Help

Learn more about the St. Frances Cabrini Center and how you can help other people like Rachel. If you liked Rachel’s story, read more Mission Moments about the lives you’ve changed through Catholic Charities.

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