Thanks to you, Edna isn’t battling cancer alone.

Thank you for helping seniors like Edna.

While battling cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic, Edna’s bills began to pile up. Thanks to your support of Catholic Charities, she found relief.

Like many seniors, Edna, 72, has the challenge of living on a fixed income. But she is also battling cancer with limited medical insurance. As she sought treatment, thousands of dollars in medical bills began to pile up. Not knowing where else to go, she found Catholic Charities’ Mamie George Community Center.

Because of you, Edna immediately found relief. Her case manager delivered boxes of food to her front door since she was unable to drive. She received financial assistance to purchase an expensive nutritional supplement to help her remain strong in her fight against cancer. Edna even received a special Thanksgiving meal box that Edna would otherwise be unable to afford.

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Edna’s case manager also helped her find available options to help pay her medical bills and assisted her with the application process. Recently, Edna received a letter informing her that her medical bills would be paid for the year.

“Catholic Charities has helped me with so much and I am so grateful. I thank God that he gave me people that see my needs and have heard me. I am very thankful for it.”

Thank you for providing Edna with relief and support so she can focus on remaining strong and positive as she continues treatment!

You can help more seniors like Edna who experience hardship.

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