Rapid Re-Housing Program helps people who face homelessness

You Gave People Like Joe a Home

“I don’t know if you have wings…but you came and grabbed me away from the streets.”

You helped people like Joe facing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people like Joe faced homelessness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to your support, vulnerable people are able to find a home.

Because you gave to Catholic Charities, families who would otherwise be living on the street are able to get a good night’s rest in the security of their own home. Your gifts allow Catholic Charities to provide help through programs like Stable Homes, which promotes housing stability through rental assistance, education and resources that build a path to self-sufficiency.

During the pandemic, Catholic Charities recognized that many more vulnerable families needed help to maintain a home. More needed to be done, so with the support of donors like you, the Rapid Re-Housing Program was launched in the fall of 2020, when thousands of area residents were becoming homeless after losing jobs or wages due to COVID-19.

In collaboration with the Houston Housing Authority and the Coalition for the Homeless, the program rescues people who have recently fallen into homelessness, providing them with an apartment and connection to a full range of Catholic Charities programs to help them reclaim their self-sufficiency.

Because of you, we were able to help Joe, a single man in his 30s, who found himself living on the streets during the pandemic. Even though he was disabled he wanted to work, but he was unable to find a job that would accommodate his mobility. Because of you, Joe was able to get employment assistance from Catholic Charities, help with bus cards to get to work, and groceries from the Guadalupe Center Food Pantry.

Thank you for your gifts and support for the mission of Catholic Charities. Joe expresses his gratitude: “I would like to graciously thank you and Catholic Charities for this blessing. You both saved a life. Everything is just good in my heart right now.”

You can help other people like Joe facing homelessness.


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