You Helped Anna and Her Children Begin a New Life after Domestic Violence

Your support of Catholic Charities helped Anna leave a bad domestic violence situation.

Anna and her children are safe, thanks to you.

Anna and her five children were in a desperate situation. Her husband was an alcoholic, and was starting to act more and more erratically and violent.

One night he fired a gun in their house in front of her children. The police and Child Protective Services told Anna that if she didn’t leave, her children would be taken away. She was desperate to keep her children safe, but she had no family here and no place to go.

After being turned away by a nearby shelter, someone told her to contact Catholic Charities. Because of you, when she came to Catholic Charities we were able to find Anna and her children a safe place where they could stay until they got on their feet.

Because of your support, Catholic Charities was able to help Anna find an apartment and assist the family with furnishing their new home. We also made sure they had enough food and clothing to start their new life.

Anna and her children are safe, she has a good job, and she is looking forward to a better future for herself and her children because you supported Catholic Charities. Thank you.

Your support of Catholic Charities will help other families like Anna’s escape dangerous situations and begin a new life! Together we can help these families heal and move forward.

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