Making it Through Each Day – Mary’s story

Being out of work is hard enough. It’s even harder when not only your spouse is out of work too, but you also have to face grave health challenges.

Mary, a client at Mamie George Community Center, is unable to work consistently because she has cancer. Her husband is also not able to work due to sustaining an injury. They own a house and have three children to support.

On top of already difficult health challenges, Mary’s septic system is malfunctioning and causing septic waste to be exposed on their property. The repairs to their septic system will total close to $20,000. Since her husband’s injury, Mary and her family have been in Mamie George’s Basic Needs program and shop in Trini’s Corner Market, a self-select food pantry with grocery layout allowing residents and senior citizens, based on income and need, to supplement their food budget by selecting among fresh produce, meats, canned foods, breads and dry goods available. Mary recently called in to tell the staff at Mamie George how incredibly grateful she was for the prayers and financial support through Catholic Charities.

Their challenge is great, but she finds strength in her faith and prays every night for Catholic Charities and its mission. They are by no means out of the woods, but they remain faithful and grateful for the many services that Catholic Charities provides that help them make it through each and every day.

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