Long Before Her Dramatic Boat Rescue, Catholic Charities Saved Sonia’s Life, Thanks to You

Because of you, Sonia was able to receive support and assistance from Catholic Charities for several months before the storm. After Harvey, Sonia’s apartment flooded and she once again had to start over, but she knew where to turn for help with her new son, Diego.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, Sonia was 39 weeks pregnant. As floodwaters rose around her tiny apartment, she went into labor. She was terrified and alone.

She asked a neighbor to take her to the hospital, but his car was flooded. Then she tried to walk, but the floodwaters were too high. Finally she struggled back to her apartment and called 9-1-1. But rescuers were overwhelmed that day. Sonia had no idea if help would make it in time.

Finally, a boat rescued her, and Sonia delivered a beautiful baby boy that night. Her child was a miracle, not only because of when he was born, but because he might have been lost if Sonia had not received a timely referral to Catholic Charities. 

During one of her pre-natal check-ups, the doctor noticed that Sonia seemed depressed, and lacked a connection to her unborn baby. She was referred to a counselor, but the cost was impossible on her limited income. Fortunately, as she left the clinic, Sonia was handed a flier about Catholic Charities’ free counseling for pregnant mothers.

“My friend encouraged me to attend, but it was hard, because I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t want to share my feelings,” Sonia said. “I’m glad I did, because it helped me so much with the recovery process and with parenting – from diapers, a car seat, and baby items to putting food on my table when I had nothing to eat.”

Because of the generosity of our donors, Sonia received the support she needed to become a successful mother from Catholic Charities. Then, after Harvey, when Sonia’s apartment flooded, Catholic Charities was there once again to help her and her newborn baby start over. 

“Catholic Charities provided a gift card, cleaning supplies and baby items,” Sonia said. “But the most important thing I received from Catholic Charities was help in finding the meaning of life and the desire to keep fighting for me and my baby every day. Thanks for all you have done for me. God bless you always.”