Because of You, Chloe Could Say Goodbye to Her Husband

Thanks to your support of Catholic Charities, a senior could say goodbye to her husband.

Thanks to your support of Catholic Charities, a senior could say goodbye to her husband.

Chloe is 86, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic she was living alone while her husband, Greg, resided in a long-term care facility. It wasn’t ideal, but she was able to visit him frequently.

Finances were tight, but because of you, her Senior Services Case Manager was there to help her apply for Medicaid so that she could keep Greg in his nursing home.

Then the pandemic struck, and suddenly Chloe’s normal life was turned upside down. For safety reasons, she was no longer allowed to visit Greg, making do with phone calls. Then he suddenly developed a serious infection and had to be hospitalized.

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Because of generous donors like you, Chloe’s Case Manager was there to help her during this difficult time. They were able to arrange three-way daily phone calls with the hospital, so that Chloe could get regular medical updates on her husband despite her hearing difficulties. A few times she was even able to talk directly to Greg, exchanging words of love when she couldn’t visit him.

They had always shared a deep faith, and as Greg’s condition worsened, it was important to Chloe that a priest be there to comfort him as he got ready to pass on. By reaching out to various parishes, her Case Manager was able to make arrangements for a priest to administer last rights to Greg just a few hours before he passed.

Heartbroken that she had not been able to say goodbye in person, Chloe wanted to see her husband one last time. Utilizing donated funds, her Case Manager arranged transportation for Chloe to the funeral home where she was able to say goodbye. She tearfully expressed her extreme gratitude for this final chance to see him.

Many have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 – seniors more than anyone else – and sadly there are many stories like Chloe’s. But with your help we are doing all we can to help vulnerable seniors during this incredibly difficult time.

Thank you!

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