As 2019 Hurricane Season Begins, Catholic Charities Supports Galveston County in Continued Recovery from Hurricane Harvey

For immediate release: May 28, 2019

Catholic Charities intake during Hurricane Harvey.

Many people who experienced flood-related losses have yet to reclaim their pre-Harvey lives. Catholic Charities restores hope to families who experienced loss to Harvey through its Disaster Recovery Program.

Willie Marie Jamison retired from teaching in Texas City ISD after four decades and nestled in her home on a corner lot near the College of the Mainland. During her 30 years at that location, Ms. Jamison kept her home insurance current, but didn’t have flood insurance. The neighborhood had never been under water – until Hurricane Harvey dumped 30 to 40 inches of rain on Texas City in August 2017. Ms. Jamison’s house was badly damaged by flooding in every room.

Ms. Jamison is among the 1,258 Galveston County individuals and families helped through the Disaster Recovery Program at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Since Harvey, Catholic Charities’ Disaster Recovery Program provided $1.6 million in financial assistance to Galveston County residents.

The charity expects to continue providing such assistance for up to three more years, serving those who have yet to recover from Harvey.

“It’s devastating that so many people are still struggling to repair or rebuild their lives and homes after this much time has passed,” said Brigid DeLoach, Catholic Charities’ vice president of the Disaster Recovery Program. “Many of those served were already financially vulnerable before the storm, which puts them at a greater disadvantage when trying to recover.”

Catholic Charities visits with families to see firsthand what kind of help they need, then works with them to create a recovery plan. In addition to covering the cost of home repairs, temporary housing, furnishings and other needed items, families are connected with other available resources.

Partnerships are central to Catholic Charities’ approach to disaster recovery. For example, the agency works with Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders, which provides volunteers and expertise to repair or even replace flood-damaged homes. Catholic Charities also expands its reach in Galveston County by allocating funds to The Alliance, which served an additional 358 families.

Ms. Jamison, like many homeowners, received some FEMA money, but it wasn’t enough to cover repairs to make her home truly livable.  She lacked the resources to get the job finished.  Thanks to Catholic Charities and its partnership with Fuller Center, Ms. Jamison’s home was recently made move-in ready, nearly two years after Harvey.

Individuals in Galveston County seeking help with Harvey losses should call Catholic Charities’ Disaster Recovery hotline: 832-240-4658, open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Residents outside of Galveston County should call 713-874-6664.

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