You Help a Mom Who Cares for Many

Samantha has her hands full, and then some.

She takes care of her parents – both in their 80s – as well as her teenaged son, and helps raise her two small grandchildren.

She often feels overwhelmed by the challenges she faces.  So many people depend on her, but she doesn’t have a job.

Shortly after the pandemic began, Samantha was laid off.  While she looked for work, she was able to get by on unemployment assistance.  Unfortunately, that ran out in September.

She’s still looking, but it’s hard to find a job that will also allow her to care for her parents and grandchildren.

With winter right around the corner, Samantha reached out to Catholic Charities for help.  Because of you, Samantha’s family got immediate assistance – winter clothes for the kids and food from the food pantry.  She has even been able to attend support groups at our Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program, and her family will be enrolled in our Share Your Blessings Christmas gift program.

While things are looking up for her, Samantha still worries about the future and providing for her family.  But now she has a renewed sense of hope because of the help your generosity made possible.

Because of your support, families like Samantha’s have a safe place to sleep, food for the holidays, and even gifts under the Christmas tree.

You are helping struggling families plan for a truly blessed and joyful Christmas season.