You Helped Keep the Lights on For a Family of Five

You helped a vulnerable family stay in their home.

Already struggling, Josh and Laura had to miss work when their 4-year-old daughter tested positive for COVID-19. The lights were cut off, and they nearly lost their home. Thanks to you, they received the help they needed to begin getting back on their feet.

Laura and Josh are hardworking parents with three daughters. But like many families, the pandemic brought unforeseen hardships, and it almost cost Josh and Laura their home.

First, Josh contracted a severe infection that forced him to be hospitalized. Then he had to quit his job because he was no longer able to do the required heavy lifting due to his illness. To make ends meet Josh took a retail job for about a third of his previous job’s pay.

Then their 4-year-old daughter tested positive for COVID-19. Both Laura and Josh were forced to quarantine and were unable to work. The family cut back on expenses as best they could. As the bills piled up, their electricity was shut off. No lights, no heat, and no internet for their 11-year-old to attend school virtually.

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Because of your support, Catholic Charities was able to help the family during this challenging time. Their utility bill was paid so the family could cook meals, stay warm, and their eldest daughter could keep up with her schoolwork. Then, caring staff delivered boxes of food along with Christmas presents for the girls.

Thanks to your generosity, Catholic Charities was also able to pay their next month’s rent, to make sure the family of five could stay in their home. Laura and Josh were relieved to have some breathing room to catch up until they could return to work.

“We can get on our feet again after this.”

Thank you for helping families like Laura and Josh’s when the hard times come!

You can help more vulnerable families like Josh and Laura’s.


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