You Helped a Struggling Mother When She Needed It Most

When Candice’s hours were cut and she struggled to pay her bills, you helped her provide for her children.

Candice works as a home health care provider, but the pandemic has dramatically reduced her hours. Working only 16 hours a week made it difficult for her to provide for her three young children.

You got the family the help they needed to stabilize, and helped Candice find a better job so she will be able to make ends meet.

Candice also suffers from asthma, which sometimes forced her to miss even more work. That meant less money, and tough decisions about whether to pay rent, pay bills or buy food. This devoted mother needed a helping hand.

Your generous support during their troubling time provided Candice and her family with food, emergency financial assistance for rent, and much more.

Because of you, Candice received nutritious food at our food pantry, so her family could enjoy healthy meals together. Candice also received financial assistance so the family would not be evicted from their home. Most importantly, she got help to find a new job that provided more hours and better pay.

Thanks to you, Candice and her children have made it through the worst of it and are now in a much better place.  Money is still tight, but the assistance you provided helped them become more stable and now they no longer have to worry about having to choose between paying their rent or buying food.

Thank you for helping mothers like Candice when they need it most.