You Helped A Senior Couple Start Over

After Hank lost his job, he and his wife were in a tough situation. But because of you, Catholic Charities’ Guadalupe Family Assistance Center was there to provide food, furniture and assistance.

Hank and Carolyn were supposed to be enjoying their golden years. However, their situation was anything but ideal.

When Hank was unexpectedly laid off from his job in Atlanta, they made the tough decision to make a fresh start. With just their car and a few belongings, they moved to Houston to be near Carolyn’s daughter. They were able to pay their car note and a deposit on a new apartment, but they couldn’t afford food or any new furnishings.

Being in his 70s made finding work difficult for Hank, and Carolyn was not able to work due to her health issues.

But because of you, Catholic Charities’ Guadalupe Family Assistance Center was there for Hank and Carolyn. Staff provided them nutritious food from the food pantry and helped them establish a plan to become stable. A Case Manager connected the couple to the Houston Furniture Bank where they received a new living room set, dining room set, and a much-needed new mattress.

Thanks to your support, Catholic Charities staff also connected the couple to our Senior Services program and employment assistance for Hank to help establish their new normal here in Houston.

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