You Are Helping a Father Support His Family

Afghan evacuees A.J. Just before the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan and the subsequent Taliban takeover, A.J., his wife and three children fled the country.

A little over a month after living in Kabul and working as a plumber, A.J. is now on a path toward employment in America.

Because of donors like you, the transition to a new country has been made a smoother one through Catholic Charities’ Refugee Resettlement program.

When refugees or evacuees like A.J. arrive in the United States, there is a learning curve.  Before any kind of employment training can begin, Catholic Charities’ case managers provide evaluations and cultural orientation.  This can include cultural, economic, social and language orientation to better help families like A.J.’s get accustomed to a new country.

“I am glad there is someone answering all my questions and concerns,” A.J. said.  “They’re getting me through the legal and social process while I adjust to life here.”

Your generous support of Catholic Charities allows the St. Frances Cabrini Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance to provide a path to employment authorization – a process A.J. is currently going through.  Once that authorization arrives, your support continues to help newcomers like A.J. find meaningful and fulfilling employment to become self-sufficient here in the United States.

A.J. is grateful for the help he’s received and hopes to get a job soon to sustain his family.  After a while, his goal is to study and seek a better job – and a better life for those he loves.