Because of You, A Mother was Better Prepared

Right around the time when “Stay Home, Stay Safe” orders were issued in our area, Crystal was preparing to give birth. She was already nervous about being at a hospital in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, but to top it off, her partner was unreliable. He often left and came back, and she wasn’t […]

Women Veterans Defend the Community by Making Masks for Volunteers Distributing Food at Mamie George Community Center

RICHMOND – First they defended our country. Now, they’re creating a first line of defense in the war against COVID-19 in Fort Bend County. Women veterans affiliated with Catholic Charities’ Women Veterans Program are making fabric masks to protect the many volunteers distributing food at the Mamie George Community Center (MGCC) in Richmond, the hub […]

You Helped Veronica Through Grief and Hardship

Veronica and her little family were living a happy life. Her husband ran a successful business, and her young son was doing well in school. Then her husband was tragically murdered. Although they were devastated, they did the best they could to move on. Veronica used her husband’s life insurance for a loan to his […]

Because of You, Angela Had the Tools and Support to Care for Her Kids

Angela had a lot going for her. She was eight months pregnant with her second child, doing well at her job, and just moved into a new home to accommodate her growing family. Six weeks into her maternity leave, she found out she lost her job due to layoffs. Angela had no family support nearby, […]

You Helped a Senior Keep the Lights On

Donna didn’t expect to spend her golden years worrying about her utility bills and having a secure place to live. Donna is the primary caregiver not only for her adult daughter, but also her husband who suffered a severe stroke. Her daughter is financially dependent on Donna because she struggles to find employment due to […]

Because of Your Support, C.J. Turned Her Life Around

You gave a female veteran a safe place to live and the needed support to move forward C.J. is a bright, polite and well-spoken woman. But her life turned dark when she left the military. The Army veteran was caught in an abusive relationship, and then tragically suffered a miscarriage. She turned to alcohol to […]

You Gave a Veteran a Second Chance to Success

Justine had a difficult time when she left the military. She was homeless and struggled to overcome a drug addiction she developed to cope with her post-traumatic stress disorder. Afraid and alone, she didn’t know where to turn for help. But thanks to you, Catholic Charities’ Women Veterans Program was there to help. Justine began […]

Because of Your Help, Mary Can Feed Her Family

You make the difference for thousands of families like Mary’s through Catholic Charities’ Family Assistance Program. Mary wears a cheery yellow cap to a recent food fair at Guadalupe Center that reflects her tenacity to get through life: “I pray to the Lord every day and every night. I’m pretty sure he’ll open a door […]

You Helped Jorge Recover and Reconnect with Family

The first time Jorge visited the Guadalupe Center he’d just been released from the hospital. Only in his 40s, he was recovering from a heart attack and suffering from congestive heart failure. He admits he made some bad decisions and got involved with a gang. He’d also become estranged from his family in his youth, […]

You Helped Dominga Launch a New Chapter in Her Life

Dominga has lived a hard life at just 20 years old. She came to the U.S. from Honduras as an unaccompanied minor having witnessed the murder of her mother, endured years of physical and mental abuse by her father, sexually exploited by her employer, and threatened with death by her mother’s murderer. Although she, her […]