Down on His Luck, A Man is Treated with Kindness

A few months ago, Joe*, a man in his early 40s came in to the Mamie George Community Center for the first time asking for assistance for food. He was unemployed and looking for jobs without much luck. He applied to several local restaurants and Walmart, but he was either continually rejected or did not hear back from others.

He said he felt judged and embarrassed by his appearance when applying for jobs because he lacked the proper clothes, did not have a neat hair cut, and he was missing several teeth.

But when he came into Mamie George, he said he was treated with kindness and respect. He was surprised with the way he was treated because he wasn’t “religious.”

He wanted to say thank you to all the people at Mamie George for listening, assisting and just giving a smile without any judgement.

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love”

– Saint Teresa of Calcutta

What can you do to help men like Joe? Learn more about the ways you can help here.


*Name changed to protect privacy.