Safe at Home Again

You helped Eduardo escape from living on the streets to the security of a home

Homeless Man

After losing his car and his job, Eduardo became homeless. But thanks to your support, he found the services he needed to find a new home where his family can visit.

Eduardo lost his car, and the bad news kept on coming. Soon after, he lost his job and then his home. Eduardo did what he could to survive, sometimes bathing in the bayou to stay clean. It was a hard and lonely life. One of the most difficult things was that he no longer had a place where his family, especially his granddaughter, could come to visit.

Then, Eduardo found the food pantry and caring staff at Catholic Charities’ Guadalupe Center. Because of you, a case manager in the Family Assistance Program was there to talk to Eduardo. When she learned he was homeless she was able to help him get the assistance he needed to get an apartment.

Because he now has a kitchen, Eduardo is able to make use of nutritious items from the food pantry that he couldn’t previously take such as cold dairy, meat and produce. Your support enabled the Center to set him up with clothes, bedding, dishes and hygiene items. All donated by people like you! One of his greatest joys: taking home a donated Easter basket to give to his granddaughter.

The Guadalupe Center is seeing more people who were driven to the streets after suffering losses related to Hurricane Harvey. With your generous assistance, Catholic Charities’ HomeSafe initiative can restore hope – and a home – to more people like Eduardo.

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