Laid-off Veteran Finds Renewed Purpose at Catholic Charities

Candace Robinson on a deployment.

Last spring, Candace Robinson – like so many Houstonians over the past few years – was laid off from her job. She knew right away that she’d have trouble making her next house payment.

During a visit to the Texas Workforce Commission, a veteran liaison pointed Candace to the Catholic Charities Women Veterans Program. She contacted the program, and the team there assisted Candace with meeting her mortgage payments as she transitioned between her last paycheck and her first unemployment check. They also helped her navigate how to get food assistance.

After Catholic Charites met her most immediate needs, Candace received an invitation to attend the Career Essentials course. The course seeks to build confidence in unemployed individuals by helping them develop skills to get back in the employment world.

At Career Essentials, Candace found her voice again. She said she learned to think outside the box and, ultimately, accept who she was. The discussions within the course helped her apply the skills she was learning to her career search.

Candace recently began the Advanced Career Essentials class, and she’ll graduate from it soon.

Candace recently began the Advanced Career Essentials class, and she’ll graduate from it soon. She also has become a dedicated member of the peer-to-peer support group in Fort Bend County at the Mamie George Community Center. At the support group, Candace and her peers work to transform themselves into become better moms, better neighbors and stronger veteran sisters.

“Catholic Charities has given me a purpose in life,” Candace said. “The programs are helping me get back on my feet and giving me the skills for lifelong success. I am so grateful for all they have done for me and for other women veterans. The program coordinators call us, talk to us and love us for who we are. They are not only workers in a great nonprofit, but people who truly care about our well-being.”

In the Greater Houston area, more than 18,000 women veterans are hiding in plain sight – and many of these dedicated heroes need our help and support. Because of you Catholic Charities is there to support and encourage them to become the best women they can be.

But we need your help! Our goal is to ensure that our women veterans have a safe place to sleep on our stormy Houston nights and receive the counseling, support and encouragement they need to thrive and become self-sufficient.

Christ calls us to care for those in need, and we ask you to join us in encouraging the brave women who so ably served our country.

Support women veterans now!